Here at True Companion we do things a little differently than our competition. We believe that these differences are what set us apart from other home cleaning providers on our mission to offer the best customer service experience. Here’s a look at some of those differences:


Quality Guarantee

It is our mission to make sure you are completely satisfied with the cleaning we provide. We back this statement up with a simple guarantee: if you are not happy with the job, call us and we will fix it that day. We offer a completely customizable service, so if you want those throw pillows organized just so, we get it.

The Details Matter

Our competitors pay by the job, motivating their employees to rush through each house, causing them to cut corners and miss the details. We pay by the hour because we sweat the details. This ensures that our cleaners never feel rushed.

Owner Operated

True Companion is owner operated, and as the owner I recruit, interview, and hire every single cleaner we send in to your home. Because I would never send someone to your home that I would not want in mine.


Superior Background Checks

We apply the same high standard of background check to our home cleaners that we do with our personal support workers. Not only do we conduct reference checks on previous employment but we also request a police record check, specific to working with the vulnerable population.